Travel Tips

Travel Tips To Add Spice on Your Next Destination

Travel Tips

Australia is currently in the middle on winter. Although the weather is still considerably more “warmer” compared to winter months in the Northern hemisphere, I’m already at my freezing point. This, coming from someone who came from a tropical country.

I’m already craving to travel back into the comforts of my homeland but my desire to explore – hoping to finish work early – the Southern hemisphere is more stronger. Add the fact that I only have a limited time – one month – to stay into Australia’s winter weather.

Anyway, since rarely travel for long weeks I’m not sure what to bring. In fact, I almost put my entire closet into my suitcase. LOL! I’m also the type to just stay in one place but recently I discovered that travelling is so nice.

I found some travel tips that I’d like to share to you to make life easier, save more money for future travel plans and enjoy more.

Tip #1: When booking online, buy on Tuesday and Wednesday and make sure to clear your cookies and enable private browsing.

This is my top travel tip, a friend who’s a travel addict told me that there is a secret computer program that travel agencies use to monitor the kind of flight and accommodation you are searching by crawling into your cache. Once they got this data, they will increase their prices.

Sad right, to prevent you from paying more, clear your cache and browse incognito, buy flights during the mid week and book it weeks before your appointment.

Travel Suitcase Trips

Tip #2: Save space on your suitcase by rolling clothes instead of folding and if you cant live without your own toiletries bring travel size products.

We all heard about suitcase space saving tips that makes travelling easier. Rolling your clothes instead of folding prevents it from getting wrinkles as well as gives you more space, space that can be used for shoes, toiletries etc.

Speaking of toiletries, I know there are things already prepared at hotels, hostels or whatever accommodation you got but most of the time, bringing my own skin and body care products are far more fulfilling.

A lot of skincare and grooming products now came in travel size kits. If you cant find a travel size one for your go-to items, use straws, fill it with your shampoo, lotion, face wash etc and seal it using a heat sealer or put the open ends on fire enough to make ends stick together. Label it using scoth tapes.

Use binder clips of glass cases for headphone’s, charger and all the cables you need.

To prevent your cables from getting tangled together use a binder clip to wrap each cable or place it on your glass cases. This trick will not only help in preventing your cables to get tangled together it also protects your chargers from bending and breaking

Tip #3: Save the offline version of Google Maps on your mobile.

Browse your destination, save it for offline use, just in case there is not internet connection in the place your are going. It helps in letting you get to your destination on time – great for someone running for an appointment – and most importantly it prevent’s you from getting lost, although getting lost is actually a fun part of travelling where you can learn more about the place, its people and its culture.


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